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As of Feb 3rd 2020

What a great year 2019 was! We spent the year as most of you know traveling through the US. From speaking in the Northeast, the South and out in the Midwest, we put a great number of miles on the car, raising support and awarenesses. We also got a chance in November 2019 to travel to Malaga, Spain to visit our new home, help set up the new Europe Convoy of Hope headquarters and start looking for our new home. We are super excited to get back to Europe. 

We are getting very close to completely raising our monthly budget. We've been able to raise around 91% of that. We are however, pretty low on our cash budget. With the change in our new assignment, we are sitting at around 30% of our cash budget. This means we need to raise at the very least $10,000 more for cash and roughly $600 in monthly support.

We are about to apply for our visas in the coming weeks and hope that the process goes smoothly. It can take upwards of 1-3 months to receive those visas back, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as they are processed. 

Lastly, our goal is to move to Spain by April. We hope and pray that everything starts to fall into place and that we can update everyone from our new home very soon!

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